PROJECT 1: Manthabeni

GoGo, or Grandmother, raising grandchildren, living below poverty and starving. Progressing with more crops from the garden, generating income, creating a future with nutrition.  SUSTAINED

PROJECT 2: Motjane

The immediate Food Program increased student attendance dramatically. The children are learning more and benefit from the nutrition program. The children are excited to come to school and learning the tools to do the same at home.   SUSTAINED

PROJECT 3: Ezulwini

We established a garden program. due to a loss in the family, it created a hardship. However, in 2017, this homestead has improved the quality of life and maintained stable nutrition. SUSTAINED

PROJECT 4: Ezulwini 

Implementing a new garden program utilizing container gardening.

More details coming soon.  INACTIVE/RELOCATED

PROJECT 5: Manzini

Due to the success of this project, this Children's Care Center has stabilized the daily nutritional needs for the children, as well as continues to generate an income from the garden's surplus.   SUSTAINED

PROJECT 6: Ezulwini

This is a family of 3 kids who lost their parents at a very young age. By utilizing the garden, they are providing sustainable nutrition for themselves.   SUSTAINED




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Amazing what food can do for a child... Give them hope for a future. <Project 2>